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Dec. 13th, 2009


Looking for Love Sneakers in Gold and/or Katella II Sneakers in Gold

Hi guys,

I hope I'm allowed here... A Kiwi is sneaking in.

I'm looking to buy either the Love Sneakers in Gold and/or Katella II Sneakers in Gold as my well loved, Love sneakers have started to fall apart. Ideally I'm looking for an 8.5, but would be interested in a 9 as well. New, near near, lightly used... Message me if you have some you're wanting to sell :)


Jun. 4th, 2009


(no subject)

I am currently selling some old LAMB on ebay to pay for my wedding dress.
If anyone could repost to other L.A.M.B communities i will be forever grateful



Feb. 2nd, 2009


Fall 2007 Tiered Ruffle Dress

Hey Aussie Lambies!
Hanging in my closet is a Fall 2007 Tiered Ruffle Dress with the tags attached.
I bought this a while ago with the intentions of wearing it to a cocktail party but alas it has stayed in my closet waiting for the chance to be shown off. Unfortunately it wont be by me, so i am offering it to you in hopes you will give it a new home.
This is a SIZE 6 black dress. It's a mock turtleneck dress with 4-tier ruffle detail at front and zipper closures at shoulder and side. 3' banding at waist. Sleeveless. Lined. 36' long. Material:72% viscose/28% polyester.
Recommended Retail Price is US$365.00
At this point i will take offers and as a last resort i will list on ebay.
If you would like to make me an offer please email me at for_esme at live dot com dot au
To view some pics of this dress, check out lambcollections.com in the fall 2007 section or i can take photos on request

Even though i have watched BSL for years, i am am still not a member so if anyone would like to pass on my info it would be much appreciated

Jul. 3rd, 2008



Hey : )
longtime Gwen fan, new to the community.
I was wondering if anyone know if a DVD will be released of the Sweet Escape tour?
I saw her a year ago, she was awesome :)

Oct. 29th, 2007

WTF? Singles


Gwen Dolls..

Hello lovelies :)

Just incase anyone isn't clued in, Born to Blossom will be stocking the Gwen Dolls :)

You can pre-order now here: http://www.born-to-blossom.com/GwenDolls.html

They are going pretty fast! So be quick!

Also, discount codes are not valid for use on the Gwen Dolls, so you will have to put through Gwen Doll orders as SEPERATE order if you want something else too, sorry for any confusion that causes.

Any questions? Comment here or alicia@born-to-blossom.com

Oct. 15th, 2007


(no subject)

so today i got the new fragrance! smells really cute too, kinda unisex and really summery. YUMMY.

Also just got back from Japan, did a mini Gwen tour of all the designers she has ever mentioned. Vivienne westwood, Hysteric Glamour, Yohji Yamamoto, bathing ape, comme de garcons etc...bit past my price range, but HG was soooo awesome!
Couldn't find L.A.M.B. anywhere, i sent a few emails to the website asking where sold it over there, but no answers. dragged my boy into every department store and found the tiniest amount of L.A.M.B. ever in a Shinjuku department store - the buckle cardigan (cant remember its name) and about 2 other shirts.
Didnt see ANY Harajuku Lovers or anyone wearing any of Gwens stuff, very disappointed.
However, i did see where Gwen gets her inspirations from - a lot of people wearing leopard print/Houndstooth and other Gwen prints.

Sep. 21st, 2007

WTF? Singles


New HL at Born-to-Blossom.com

I've just finished putting up the first shipment
Go check it out
First HL Shipment has arrived!

Sep. 19th, 2007

WTF? Singles


InStyle Scans

Here are the scans :)
She looks GORGEOUS!

click me to see!Collapse )

Sep. 17th, 2007

WTF? Singles


Gwen on the cover of InStyle Mag

Gwen is on the cover of the Aussie InStyle October Issue on newstands now!

I am currently uploading scans so I'll post them here shortly :)

Sep. 4th, 2007


(no subject)

Hey, first post for me so heres a little intro....
Im Stacy, im 25 and i'm from Newtown and i have been a fan of gwen since i was about 14.
I have only just started collecting L.A.M.B. - mainly hoodies and also have a little Harajuku Lovers collection too. I'm scared of buying off ebay, so i only buy things i definately know aren't fakes.
I will post a pic of some of my stuff soon for you to see.
I also have a question, which i have done a little research into but come up with nothing so far.
I am going to Japan at the end of the month and i was wondering if any stores sold L.A.M.B. or Harajuku Lovers? If anyone knows or knows how to find out, please let me know!! I would be eternally grateful and might even bring you back a gift!

this is the reply i got. talk about making it obvious. do they think i haven't already looked at that? it just lists american stores but im sure i have heard people say they have gotten LAMB from overseas or else why call it "international LAMB"?
I feel a bit disappointed now :(

Please refer to our "Where to find us" page on the website for locations where LAMB is sold.

Please feel free to email webservice@l-a-m-b.com with any other questions you may have.

Thank you-
Web Service

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